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Flood Mapping

Products available:

JBA Flood Map of Great Britain

The JBA Flood Map (CFM) of Great Britain (GB) offers a thorough view of flood risk by correlating river, surface water and coastal flood across the whole of the UK. These are presented as Flood Extents divided by flood depth bands (VE). 

  • Defended/Undefended coastal (split via the return periods of 75, 100, 200, 1000)
  • Undefended river (split via the return periods of 20, 75, 100, 200, 1000)
  • Surface water (split via the return periods of 75, 200, 1000)

Further layers include;

  • Defended river areas (DRAs)
  • Defended surface water areas (DSWA)
  • Dam break 
  • Canal failure
  • Areas managed by internal drainage boards (IDB).

Prices start at £20 for up to 0.05km2.

JBA Groundwater Flood Map of Great Britain

The Groundwater flood map identifies areas at risk of flooding from groundwater on a 5m resolution grid throughout Great Britain (GB). The groundwater mapping indicates areas where flooding may occur as a result of water rising through chalk aquifers for the following return periods and annual exceedance probabilities:

  • 75-year (1.3%)
  • 100-year (1%)
  • 200-year (0.5%)

Susceptibility to Groundwater Flooding

BGS has produced the first national dataset on the susceptibility of groundwater flooding, covering England, Wales and Scotland.

The dataset has three classes of groundwater flood susceptibility:

  • A: Limited potential for groundwater flooding to occur
  • B: Potential for groundwater flooding of property situated below ground level
  • C: Potential for groundwater flooding to occur at surface

Geological Indicators of Flooding

Geological maps show where all the floodplains and coastal plains in Britain are located and therefore the main areas at greatest risk of flooding; from this information BGS has produced the Geological indicators of flooding dataset. The map is based on observation of the types of geological deposit present and does not take into account any man-made influences such as house building or flood protection schemes. 

The two types of flooding, fluvial and coastal, are each separated into two zones as below:

  • Fluvial: Zone 1 (Lower susceptibility) Zone 2 (Higher susceptibility)
  • Coastal: Zone 1 (Lower susceptibility) Zone 2 (Higher susceptibility)

NOTE - The BGS Geological indicators of flooding data should be regarded as complementary to, and not a replacement for, existing flood risk maps.

England and Wales - Flood Map

A collection of flood datasets provided by the Environment Agency, and Natural Resource Wales. This layer has correctly geospatial areas, divided into different three groups.

This layer contains:

  • Flood Alert
  • Flood Risk Areas
  • Flood Warning