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National Tree Map™

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National Tree Map™

National Tree Map™ (NTM) provides location, height and canopy extents for individual trees over three metres in height covering all of England and Wales. The data can be provided in a variety of formats for both non-GIS and GIS users. The dataset comprises of:

1. Canopy Polygons (Vector Polygon) – Representing individual trees or closely-grouped tree crowns

2. Idealised Crowns (Vector Polygon) – Crown polygons visualised as circles for ease of use. Area measurement remains true to original canopy feature

3. Height points (Vector Point) – Detailing the centre point and height of each canopy feature


Classification criteria: Trees and bushes over 3m in height

Accuracy: >90% of canopy coverage (>95% within 50m of buildings)


(Aerial photography is not provided as part of the NTM dataset, but can be purchased as an additional layer if required.)



NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index)  is a widely used measurement of the visible and near-infrared light reflected by vegetation. This Nationwide dataset, gives users the unique opportunity to quantify the concentration and quality of vegetation anywhere across the country.

NDVI is a simple to interpret graphical dataset is, facilitating speedy identification of vegetation maturity, health, and even potential insect attack and drought.