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National Soil Map

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National Soil Map

The National Soil Map is the flagship soil data product from Cranfield University. It is a 1:250,000 scale map of England and Wales, showing the locations of the 297 distinct soil associations wherever they occur within the countries. The types of soil are described, along with attributes such as the soil fertility and drainage. General descriptions of the underlying geology and typical cropping and landuse are also provided. A URL link to extremely detailed supplementary soil information is also included.

Who and what is this useful for?

  • The National Soil Map is useful for anyone wanting detailed soil information at 1:250,000 scale.
  • The National Soil Map is essential for evidence-based land management and planning across England and Wales.
  • The National Soil Map is being used by most of the major water companies, many universities, consultants and governmental bodies.

Formats: ESRI shp, tab